iCloud Locked: How to bypass iCloud Activation Lock on iPhone

bypass icloud

ByPass iCloud Activation

iPhone users have a solution of bypass iCloud activation, if and only if, they forgot iCloud account details. In a positive way, no one can access your private data if your device got stolen or misplaced accidentally. But the downside is, anyone can reach to the details of the owner through bypassing iCloud activation.

But this is more surprising:

Skiller hackers or those who are aware of your iCloud account details can still hack your account, which is pretty hard but possible. In some cases, iDevice cloud gets reset resulting in data loss when real owner/users with their regular attempts with the hacked or tempered account.

But chances of the accounts hacking are rare, usually, the owners get in trouble when they forget their details. If you are one of the users looking solution for the iCloud locked problem, then you are at the right place.

I am going to share some of the working methods of how to bypass iCloud activation on iPhone. Using these iCloud removal methods, you will definitely get a solution for your iCloud locked problem.

Sometimes you get annoying popups on your account when your account has less storage space out of the 5GB of free storage allocated by iCloud. Using these 14 hacks you will be able to fix iCloud storage full on your iPhone/iPad.

1-DNS Method to Bypass iCloud activation on iPhone

This method is suitable for those who found iPhone of a completely unknown entity and wish to return the device to the real owner but need to know appropriate details about the rightful owner. Using DNS method this can be achieved in a brief time period.

In the activation window, press the home button and navigate to the Wi-Fi settings, there you have to tap on the ‘|’ bonded by a circle. Basically, here you can remove existing DNS server and put your desired or custom servers one by one. These are the steps you can follow to bypass iCloud activation on iPhone using the DNS method.

How to bypass iCloud activation lock

1. Enter the new DNS server as
2. Tap on “Back” > “Done” > “Activation help”.
3. Once done, a pop-up message would say successfully connected to my server.
4. Tap on the “Menu” on the top right.
5. You can scroll through several applications which are already in the device like Mail, YouTube, Maps, Video, Audio, User Chat, and more.
6. Choose the right application which you think can give you about the owner of the phone.

How to Bypass iCloud activation using DNS Video Guide

Mostly iCloud is used to take data backup to avoid data loss. In case you are unable to access iCloud, you have the option to take backup of your device data to any computer. You can use a tool Dr.fone Backup & Restore(iOS) as iCloud activation tool.

Bypass icloud activation lock tool 2018 iPhone 6/iPad

Dr.fone is a backup and restore software for iOS which restores iOS data turn flexible. In a single click you can take the complete backup of your iOS device to your personal computer, even allows you to review particular files to take backup and exports it to your PC. During the restore process, no data loss occurs as it’s fully compatible with all iOS versions.

2- Bypass iCloud activation online

When in the problem, users reach out to professional iPhone unlock websites to buy a reasonable online service to unlock their iCloud activation lock. But this seems a perfect solution for iCloud activation lock problems.

Here’s the process to follow

1. Visit the Official iPhone Unlock Website and pick “iCloud Unlock” option.
2. A window comes asking you to choose your model and insert your IMEI code. You have to pay a reasonable price to get your iCloud account unlocked in 1-3 days.

This method is much more convenient to bypass iCloud activation lock. But, when you are doing payment, it’s your liability to make sure the product introduction and other information about the service and purchase of the official website. This is the best method.

3- Bypass iCloud activation using tools

Those not in favour to pay can use suitable tools for bypassing the iCloud activation. Though there are limited functional limited tools, you can still get your iPhone or iPad unlocked. The commonly used bypass iCloud tool is ‘iCloud activation bypass tool version 1.4’. The tool’s name suggests what it does.

Follow along with these steps to bypass iCloud activation using this too.

1. First, get this tool in your desktop and install it.
2. Launch the program by double-clicking and then connect your device via USB cable to your desktop.
3. The application starts scanning your device and automatically detects the IMEI number.
4. Click on the ‘Bypass Activation Lock’ button and give it some time to complete. This procedure can be time taking, but in the meantime, it connects to the Apple servers using your IMEI code to terminate all linked iCloud account and deletes them permanently.
5. Once finished, disconnect your iPhone or iPad and reboot it. Once rebooted, there’s won’t be an iCloud lock or any activation to use the device. This complete process is enough to remove this lock.

As an alternative, you can check out these iCloud bypass tools to give them a try. You can download freetools for mac and iPhone6, iPhone 7, iOS 10 and 11.

4- Bypass iCloud activation on iOS 11 devices

A bug in the iOS 11 Activation mechanism allows you to bypass iCloud activation completely if your SIM card is working properly. The base of this bug is the passcode activation method which enables the Second Factor Authentication (2FA) for the locked device account. That iOS 11 devices where 2FA is enabled will only show the passcode activation option.

This bug in iOS 11 allows you to input a false passcode “0000” or “0000” but for a 6-digit password, leave the device to rest for ~1 hour to terminate the connection with Apple Activation Server (albert.apple.com). As the session expires, inserting the false code a few more times will make the device skip the activation part, essentially Find My iPhone server-side.

This method works only for iOS 11.x. Unfortunately, the “Activate with passcode” option is not available in iOS 10 and iOS 9 versions. Furthermore, this bug has been patched by Apple on their newer firmware, so we suggest to use iOS 11.1.1 and lower.

As mentioned earlier, devices having not enabled 2FA won’t get “Activation with passcode” option under the Username and Password field. That’s where you will need Activation Help.

5- Erase data from iPhone remotely when it’s lost

Here’s the deal:

There is no undo for this method. Once the data is erased, you won’t be able to use ‘Find my iPhone’, as well as all the data, will be removed permanently from your iPhone device.

Steps to remote files from iPhone remotely

1. Launch Find my iPhone and insert credentials.
2. You will be able to see all the linked devices to your account, Choose the one you want to erase
3. Your device is only viewable if the lost device has the Find my iPhone enabled.
4. Control the action buttons and tap on erase.
5. A confirmation related to erasing will show to erase your lost iPhone and will require you to insert your credentials for proof and confirmation.

6. Then you will be asked to give contact number on your lost iPhone along with a suitable message. This can be helpful if a generous person gets in touch with your to help you find your iPhone.
7. After providing the required information, the data erasing starts and once finished, you will be notified.

In a nutshell, these simple tricks are very helpful for the safety of your iCloud account regardless of the device you are using iCloud. These steps will be enough to keep your private information secured and helpful to bypass iCloud activation.

6- Unlock iCloud on activated iPhone / iPad / iPod

To remove iCloud activation lock for iOS 11.x and lower-version devices with 100% is explained below.

1. Download the customized iTunes backup without iCloud (Make sure the Find my iPhone is not turned on)
2. Connect your locked device to iTunes and follow the instructions to add new iCloud ID account to use your device as normal.

Resoures: https://drfone.wondershare.com/icloud/bypass-icloud-activation.html